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        Barnett Machine Tool Corporation was established January 1,1997 by Tony Ferreira of Barnett Industries Incorporated and Angelo Tamburri of Campbell Tool Incorporated.  Tony worked with Barnett Industries, Inc. for twenty two years and Angelo with Campbell Tool, Inc. for thirteen. The closing of Barnett Industries, Inc. led to the joining of Tony and Angelo to develop Barnett Machine Tool Corporation. The combination of their expertise and equipment helps to better service their customers today.

        With machines obtained from Barnett Industries, Inc. along with many new purchases, Barnett Machine Tool, Corp. is equipped to serve a variety of industries, specializing in CNC Milling and Turning of all types of material.  Special orders and prototype work is available as well, with emphasis on expertise, quality, and reliability of workmanship. Contact us to quote your next job!


        Copyright ?1997 Barnett Machine Tool, Corp., All Rights Reserved

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