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        1-CNC Toshiba BP-13B-P7 Table Type Boring Mill, Travel X-157? Y-92? Z-60?o:p>

        1-CNC Toshiba BP-13B-P5 Table Type Boring Mill, Travel X-118? Y-92? Z-60?o:p>

        1-CNC Wotan B105M Boring Mill w/ Programmable 44"x55" Rotary Table, Travel X-78? Y-60? Z-60"

        1-Lucas 542B144 w/ 5?Spindle, Travel X-144", Y-72"

        1-Devileg Spiramatic 3H48 Jig Mill, Travel X-48?, Y-30?o:p>

        1-Universal Table Type (Keyway Cutter), Travel X-48? Y-33?o:p>

        2-Cinncinati Milling Machine, Travels X-48? Y-14?o:p>



        1-CNC Mazak Powercenter SV-25 w/ Mazatrol CAM-M2, Travel X-60", Y-30", Z-38"

        1-CNC HAAS VF3 Mill With 20 ATC & 4th Axis, Travel X-40", Y-20", Z-25"

        1-CNC HAAS VF4 Mill with 20 ATC & 4th Axis, Travel X-50", Y-20", Z-25"



        1-CNC HAAS SL40B w/ 20" Chuck, Swing 26?x 44?long

        1-CNC Atrump KL3080 w/ Centroid Control, Swing 30?x 84?long

        1-CNC Daewoo Puma 6-HS Turning Center, 7" Dia Cut, 14" Max Length

        1-Poreba Gear Head Lathe, Swing 53" Over Saddle X 33Ft. long

        1-Monarch Series 612 Model 2516 Geared Lathe, Swing 25" X 196" long

        1-Monarch Geared Lathe, Swing 20 1/2" X 96" long

        1-Monarch Geared Head Lathe, Swing 36" X 135" long

        1-TOS Gear Head Lathe, Swing 27" X 132" long

        1-TOS Gear Head Lathe, Swing 24" X 12Ft. long

        1-Economaster Gear Head Lathe, Swing 18" X 96?long



        1-CNC Mazak Megaturn A16 w/ T-2 Control; Table Max Swing 81?dia x 70?high

        1-CNC Titan 57?57/65, Table Max Swing 65?dia x 39?high

        1-46" Bullard Vertical Turret Lathe



        1-Landis Type FF Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinder, 30" Dia X 144" long

        1-Brown & Share Outside Diameter Grinder 15" Dia X 60" Long

        2-Heald No. 72A Internal Grinder, Internal To 27" Outside Diameter

        1-Thomson 56" X 18" Travel

        1-Blanchard Grinder #18-36" Dia. Magnatic Table



        1-P & W No. 3B Jig Borer w/ Rotary Table

        1-P & W No. 2E Jig Borer w/ Rotary Table



        2-Horizontal Bandsaws up to 10?dia

        1-Vertical Bandsaw up to 16?o:p>

        2-Hydraulic Press up to 70,000 lbs

        OD Micrometers up to 50?dia, ID Micrometers up to 80?dia, & Calipers up to 80?o:p>

        Multiple Overhead Cranes up to 18 ton






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